Friday, September 30, 2011

Oops! I have a Blog.... kinda forgot about that!

An uninteresting day at work has lead me to my blog... which has been devoid of any posts since January - OOPS!  So here's a quick catch up on the last 9 months:

January: I bought a new car!! Maxxi is her name and she's awesome! I call her the car from the future :) She's the very first BRAND NEW car I've ever owned and I adore her!!
*We visited the Holgate Brewery with some great friends for an over-nighter.  Great beer, great company, too bad the food was quite average.
*Matt & I went to the Hanging Rock races with a bus load of more great people - shame all the races got canceled due to kangaroo's on the track! Oh well, it was still a fun day!
February: We visited the moonlight cinema and saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. One of my favorite movies/muiscals.  Just loved watching it out under the stars :)
*I dragged Matt along to the Michale Buble concert - SO AWESOME!! He's a brilliant entertainer and I'm so glad I got to see him this time around :)
March: Matt & I took off to Tassie for a week.  We went down to Cradle Mountain, and the weather was finally good enough to climb to the peak - which we successfully did! Another thing ticked off the list!
We also stayed with some great mates for 5 days in Bridport. A really relaxing, chilled out & fun holiday :)
April: I was back into the study, and Matt was busy getting his Cert III & IV in Fitness, so i guees we spent most of our time with our heads in books!
May: I went to Dayelsford with 4 of the loveliest women you could ever meet - and they're all part of my family - YAY!! We had a fabulous girls weekend full of chats, massages, facials, wine and loads more chats! It was perfect!
June: Our heads were back in the books and studying again, we were a little boring with a social life, but it was nice to be at home :)
July: A BIG month! I whisked Matt away for a surprise birthday weekend! I took him to Queenstown in New Zealand, where Matt went snow skiing for the first time - he loved it, and he did so well too!! We mamanged to get ourselves snowed in on the mountain for a quite a while, so it was quite a late night, but well worht it - and that was just day 1! Day 2 I surprosed him again, this time with Jet-boating, then we got in a helicopter and got taken to the drop-in point for some white-water rafting! It was a GREAT trip! Very successful on all accounts!
*But wait - the fun didn't end there for July - Oh No! I also went on a week long holiday to Vanuatu with my Top 3! It was a very relaxing holiday, filled with great memories.  Even though i managed to get myself quite sick :( I still had a great time and will always cherish the memories made! We got to hold baby turtles, feed really old turtles, drink the local brew, ate the most amazing crab ever - Coconut Crab - YUMM!! AND... we climb an ACTIVE volcano - AMAZING!
Matt also quite his job he'd had for 7 years!!!
August: It was time for me to come back down from cloud nine and get my head back into the books. Matt was also busy studying, and he headed off to the Gold Coast for some training.  A busy month, but our social lives were nice and quite.

And that brings us to...
September: This has been one of the most exciting times in my and Matt's life. On the 5th September we launched our very own Step into Life franchise in our home town of Drouin.  We're almost done with our first month, and I'm proud to say that Matt has done an excellent job at running all the sessions and recruiting our members.  Mstt's very passionate about exercise and the outdoors and I'm so proud that he's follwed his dream and doing something that he loves.  Business is on the increase and we just "Doing it Outdoors"!!

So that's this year in a nutshell.... Hope you've all had as AWESOME a year as I've had so far!
Who knows, I may even post something else up here before the year ends!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sandy the Sandcastle-Man

The wonderful Matt and I decided to start 2011 off with some much needed relaxation. So we headed of to Phillip Island for 2 nights, and stayed in my Uncle's beach house.  It was the perfect way to unwind after an extremely eventful 2010 and a ROCKIN' New Year's Eve party.

 After the required napping and food indulgences we headed off to the beach and started on crossing another thing off my list, No. 65 - Build a giant sandcastle.  Armed only with a regular house-hold bucket and our imaginations we began to sculpt what can only be called a masterpiece! It took a whole HOUR to complete, but I think you'll agree the end result clearly shows how talented we both are (read: we suck at building sandcastles).

We dubbed the creation Sandy, the Sandcastle-Man.  Alas, poor Sandy did not sprout legs and a heart and become real. He was crushed by other passers by sometime after we left him there.  Also.... the tide may have had something to do with it.  The one thing Sandy did do, was to make me remember just how much fun it is to be a kid again.  Matt and I had HEAPS of fun building him together.. it may even become a regular beach activity for us down at The Island.