Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Dad Update.

My last entry was quite some time ago, and a lot has happened in relation to my Dad since then! So this entry is an update on what's been happening in my little strange but true world.

Well my Dad has had a few ups and downs. He was accepted to go on a trial drug to hopefully fight the tumors that just keep growing and growing. However, in the process the surgeon's managed to screw everything up quite royally while doing a biopsy on his liver, which landed him in hospital for 2 weeks. He lost about 20kg's in 2 weeks as he couldn't eat anything for about 4 days, and after the surgery his insides were so swollen he just couldn't manage to eat much at all. Thankfully he's at home now and on the mend. His weight is slowly increasing, thank goodness!! When I first went to visit him in hospital i could tell he'd lost a bit of weight but it wasn't until about a week into his stay that i realised just how much it was. He was trying to sit up in bed, using the over the bed pull up handle, and I swear I saw my Grandpa in the bed, not my Dad. He was the spitting image of his own father who was sick for about the last 10 years of his life. I almost fell over with shock!! Slowly but surely he's been getting better though, and has since started on the trial drug. So fingers crossed we'll get some good news about the new drug working some time soon!

For fathers day this year, I bought my Dad a gift voucher to brew his own beer at the Barleycorn Brewers. Because of his unexpected hospital stay we had to postpone our brewing for a short while, but on the 21st November we headed off to the Barleycorn Brewers ready to brew our own beer! It was a really fun morning. Dad had a great time learning about the different processes and adding all the ingredients to make our own Pale Ale. Dad asked his brother Phil to come along with us, and Matt came too. We even got to taste some of the other beers that they have to offer from the beer bank! This satuday the 12th December, we'll be heading back there to bottle our own little brew. I've designed some labels for the brew (all approved by Dad of course) and can't wait to taste our beer and knock back a few with Dad!

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