Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Unexpected day of greatness.

It wasn't until I returned my little apartment in St Kilda @ 9:30pm on Monday the 15the March 2010 that I realised just how great the day had been.

I had woken up at about 5:00am in Drouin, feeling like I'd had a decent sleep. Nice.
I caught the VLine train to work with Matt and finished 3 crocheted granny squares for my latest project during the journey. Nice. 
I had a busy day at work but managed to complete quite a few tasks. Nice.
I went to the movies alone and saw Avatar in 3D.  Even though I'd already seen it at the regular cinema, I'd never been to a 3D movie before, and considering how my I loved Avatar the first time, it was an easy choice. This also crossed number 89 (Go to the movies alone) off my 101 Things list. Nice.
I left the cinema at Crown and went straight to my tram stop where my tram pulled up within 1 minute of my arrival. Nice.
I walked home from the tram stop and received a phone call from Matt. Nice.
I opened my mail when I got in my front door and received a letter from my University stating I had 7 credits to go towards my Bachelor of Accounting course, which knocks nearly 2 years off my study time. Nice.
I had also received a card from one of my favorite people in the world.  It was a "You're great and I Love You" type of card. Her words were unexpected, encouraging and beautiful. I cried my little eyes out - but they were tears of happiness, not sorrow. Nice.
I went to bed and slept peacefully with the thought of how great my life really is.

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