Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Top 3 Night Full of Fancy!

After a year of sadness, I decided to end 2010 on a positive and indulgent note.  So I organised with my Top 3 (Lenore) to cross something off my list, No. 74 - Share a bottle of Dom Perignon with my Top 3!

We planned the event a couple of weeks ago, and waited with great anticipation for the evening to arrive. Lenore organised the food, and I purchased the bottle, an Andy Warhole signature bottle of Dom Perignon - Vintage 2002.  On the menu we had Lenore's home made Salmon terrine, a soft brie, some aged cheddar, a duck terrine, strawberries & home made pork belly. 

The table was laid out with our lavish affair and the grand opening of the champagne occured.  Now, Lenore and I are both champagne lovers, so we were both equally as excited at drinking the most expensive bottle of champagne either of us had ever tasted. And I must say, it certainly did not disappoint.  We sipped slowly and appreciated it's creamy flavour with hints of fruits and bitterness.  It was without a doubt the most delicious champagne I've ever had, and we enjoyed every single drop!  Of course it was all complimented wonderfully by Lenore's fabulous menu and excellent company. We felt like we'd indulged ourselves stupid - just as one should at this time of year!
Now, for the big question..... was it really worth all that money?  It's hard to say exactly, so next year we plan on buying another bottle, plus a couple of other less expensive champagne's, and tasting them along side each other. We'll let you know the verdict after the 2011 night of indulgence.

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Brethred said...

YAY!!! What a fantastic night. I had lots of fun crossing that one off your list :)

Looking forward to next years Top 3 night!