Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quilt Making with Mum

Another item on the list in progress:

#1. Make a quilt with Mum -
This is something I decided to do for my Mum's sake more than my own, but today I realised that it's something I'm really going to enjoy. I've always felt a little guilty about not spending enough time with my Mum, and not taking enough interest in her hobbies, so I decided I'd ask her if we could make a quilt together. She's an extraordinarily talented lady when it comes to sewing and she's made some beautiful quilts and blankets over the years. So I was hoping this would give me a little more insight into what she really does for all those hours in that sewing room of hers.
We spent the morning looking through books and trying to decided which quilt we'd like to make, it needed to be simple enough that I could work on it with her, as the deal was that we'd both make it, NOT just her!! Finally we picked out our design, but as there was no pattern in the book, Mum had to make the pattern herself. She went straight to work with her graph pad, ruler and tape measure and in no time was explaining to me how it all worked. Next it was time to chose the fabric. As we went with a 2 tone quilt it wasn't too difficult, so off we trapsed to Spotlight in search of the goods! I've never really liked Spotlight, but I've found in the last few years I'm liking it more and more each time I go.....I think Mum must be rubbing off on me. We managed to find just the right fabrics we needed, and back home we went to start cutting.
Mum seemed to have every tool you could think of to make the job as efficiect and effective as possible. In just a few short hours we'd cut out all the pieces for the main blocks, and Mum was at the machine showing me how it worked and where I had to sew. By the end of the day I was a bit of gun at the sewing machine, (even if I do say so myself) and we'd put together 2 whole blocks for the main part of the quilt, and had pieced together most of the other blocks.
I'm really looking forward to our next day working on our quilt, I found it really satisfying to see just the few blocks we'd put together, and spending the time with Mum was just great!

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Brethred said...

Glad that you are updating. Quilt looks cool so far!