Saturday, March 14, 2009

Progress update 15th March 2009

I've managed to complete a couple of things off my ist already, so I thought I'd share some of the finer points with you.

#6. Go fishing with Dad - We headed out to Port Phillip Bay for an early morning fish on the 03/01/09. I surprisingly had a fanastic time, and I even manged to catch some fish. My boyfriend Matt came along too, and although Dad & Matt may have caught bigger and better fish than me, I'm going with quantity over quality as the winner for the day! Dad caught a beautiful Snapper, you can see it in the pic, he was pretty stoked with himself as it was his first one in that part of the Bay. Matt also caught a snapper, however I'm declaring myself the fisherwoman of the day, as I managed to catch 7 fish......they were all flathead, but still 7 fish is far better than just the one!!

#10. Start a recipe journal - This is something I've been meaning to do for a very long time!! Finally I got off my butt and went and bought myself a cute little recipe book from Kiki.K. and started to fill it in. No more loose recipes floating around in the cupboard, they're all exactly where I can find my cute little book!!

#8. Watch all the godfather movies - GOLLY, what a tiresome effort that was! Thank GOD I decided to do this one over a long weekend! Short reveiw - LOVED the first one, thought it was brilliant. Part II was good, really liked the whole concept of Vito growing up etc mixed with the current situations of Michael, but it went on for waaaayyy too long! Part III was just crap! It was ridiculously and needlessly long. The story line was lacking and I feel I was robbed of 3 hours of my life!

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